toss back and forth

toss (something) back and forth

1. To take turns throwing something lightly or casually between one another. My son and I discussed a lot of things while we tossed the baseball back and forth in the back yard. The bullies stole the girl's stuffed animal and tossed it back and forth above her head.
2. To discuss various ideas, points, arguments, etc., with one another. We all sat around the table and tossed ideas for a new product back and forth. We started something of an informal debate about the topic, tossing arguments and counterpoints back and forth for the duration of the class.
3. To alternate making verbal attacks, insults, quips, etc., at one another. My dad and my boyfriend kept tossing snide remarks back and forth throughout the dinner, until eventually I snapped at them to cut it out. The two presidential candidates spent the entirety of the debate tossing insults back and forth.
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toss something back and forth

1. Lit. [for two or more people] to toss something to each other alternately. Carol and Kelly tossed the ball back and forth for a few minutes. We will toss the ball back and forth until we get tired.
2. Fig. to trade remarks, quips, insults, etc. They tossed insulting remarks back and forth. Walter and David spent the evening tossing quips back and forth.
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