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The coin toss was more influential in cases involving less important decisions.
the coin toss contest website read after the toss last year.
FIRST-INNINGS AVERAGES THE TOSS Australia's average total in last ten Tests 450 Visitors' average total in last ten Tests 242 Average total in last ten Tests involving England 326 Aus average total in last ten Tests v England 360 England's average total in last ten Tests 291 AUSTRALIA ENGLAND Tosses won 14 4 All Tests Pld Won bat 1st Won bat 2nd Tie Draw Won toss and batted 29 13 8 1 7 Won toss and fielded 23 9 10 0 4
Toss back and forth between the right and left hand
Toss with sesame seeds and a small amount of vinegar.
And, although the chamber often leaves bits of refuse cake on the grounds of the toss for "the critters," neighbors were not too excited about coming home from out of town to find chunks of cake scattered across their porches, Lewis said.
Sunday marked the second time in as many years that a rookie took home first-place honors in the women's ax toss.
The study assumes that the toss is caught cleanly in the thrower's hand.
TOSS provides four levels of protection for legal data in its Disaster Avoidance and Recovery Services.
TOSS Corporation has been providing complete, state-of-the art security and network services for the legal industry since 1992.
Approximately half the pennies remain after the first toss, about 1/4 after the second, and then 1/8, 1/16, etc.
In a medium bowl, toss the olive oil bread to coat and season.
Alec Stewart won the toss for the fourth time on the trot in the World Cup and with it the match, reckons Zimbabwe captain Alistair Campbell.
Similar to Bop, Sock Toss teaches names through rapid and repetitive naming of group members.