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torment (one) into (doing something)

1. To pester, harass, or aggravate one until they agree or submit to doing something. My older brother tormented me into investing in his startup company, even though I knew it was a bad idea. The children just complained and complained until they finally tormented their mother into buying them ice cream.
2. To force, compel, or coerce one into doing something through the use of violence, intimidation, or abuse. It has come to light that the corrupt police officer had tormented dozens of suspects into giving self-incriminating evidence or even downright confessions over the years. The autocracy has begun tormenting its citizens into complying with its authoritarian methods.
See also: torment

torment someone into doing something

to force someone to agree to do something through threats or maltreatment. You can't torment me into doing something I don't want to do! Alice was tormented into going on the picnic.
See also: torment