torment into doing

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torment someone into doing something

to force someone to agree to do something through threats or maltreatment. You can't torment me into doing something I don't want to do! Alice was tormented into going on the picnic.
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Now I took my hand from the flame, and for awhile the torment left me.
These are the marks of the fire in Chaka's hut--the fire that kissed me many, many years ago; I have had but little use of that hand since this night of torment.
That little boys and girls should be tormented," said Henry, "is what no one at all acquainted with human nature in a civilized state can deny; but in behalf of our most distinguished historians, I must observe that they might well be offended at being supposed to have no higher aim, and that by their method and style, they are perfectly well qualified to torment readers of the most advanced reason and mature time of life.
You think me foolish to call instruction a torment, but if you had been as much used as myself to hear poor little children first learning their letters and then learning to spell, if you had ever seen how stupid they can be for a whole morning together, and how tired my poor mother is at the end of it, as I am in the habit of seeing almost every day of my life at home, you would allow that
She turned away, and I went; for I thought that would torment her as much as anything; and I believe I was right; for, looking back a minute after, I saw her turn half round, as if hoping or expecting to find me still beside her; and then she stood still, and cast one look behind.
Heaven knows I have had torment enough at the bare possibility of that; it was for joy to find that you had some depth of soul and feeling after all, and to hope that I had not been utterly mistaken in your worth.
He had given himself up to us; he had thrust into our hands his errors and his torment, his life and his peace; and we did not know what to do with that problem from the outer darkness.
I do not know what infinite yearning possesses you, so that you are driven to a perilous, lonely search for some goal where you expect to find a final release from the spirit that torments you.
He was kept chained in a pen at the rear of the fort, and here Beauty Smith teased and irritated and drove him wild with petty torments.
This certitude would have made her put up with worse torments.
Jorgie and the rest of Snake Rock returned to Croc Creek after facing the Trailer of Torment.
Mr Parry's solicitor Carys Parry said:"Mark Parry has had 18 months of torment on stringent bail conditions awaiting his opportunity to account for himself and is relieved to have the jury confirm his innocence of all the charges against him.
Hope is all you possess for your torment to less, and put paid to your mental constriction.
His brave decision to share the torment he suffered - and the future torment he felt he couldn't face - will reignite the ongoing debate about assisted suicide, as he hoped.
I write in response to "'Matadors' torment black men,'' (Telegram and Gazette, Nov.