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The swirling wind then moved to the nearby Barangay Taytay and also tore down eight more structures and damaged 43 others before it finally dissipated.
Summary: About 2.5 million people have fled to temporary shelters after deadly floods tore down their homes in southern India.
Rockrose tore down the original structure at the site which included a mix of office and commercial space.
Eventually, however, the authorities tore down the squatter settlements in New York, responding to demands that the land be made available for intensive development.
"I put my headlights on full beam and tore down the fast lane praying other cars would move out of the way.
Israeli troops and Palestinian gunmen exchanged heavy fire in the Gaza Strip yesterday, as army bulldozers tore down nine houses close to a military patrol road where five soldiers were killed earlier this week.
STELLA McCartney tore down her rooftop shower just days before a deadline set by planning chiefs.
One incident erupted at Hunter College when a woman angrily tore down anti-war flyers and a Muslim student challenged her right to do so.
Go to all the priests who tore down the main altars and the Communion rails; all the priests who encouraged standing during the Consecration, who demanded receiving Communion in the hand.