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grow like Topsy

To rapidly grow or expand. Our small company has grown like Topsy over the past year, thanks in no small part to our aggressive new marketing campaign. Our puppy has grown like Topsy since we switched it to a new brand of dog food.
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1. In a state of chaos or disorder. The house is totally topsy-turvy after I was sick with the flu all week.
2. Drunk. She was pretty topsy-turvy last night at the bar—I wonder how hungover she is today.

grow like ˈTopsy

grow very fast, particularly in an unplanned or uncontrolled way: After many contributions, our website has grown like Topsy, and is now being completely revised.Topsy was a female character in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin.
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and topsy-boosy (ˈtɑpsiˈbuzi)
mod. alcohol intoxicated. She was so topsy-boosy she couldn’t stand up.




1. mod. upside down; in disarray. He came in and turned everything topsy-turvy.
2. mod. alcohol intoxicated. She was too topsy-turvy to stand up.
References in classic literature ?
Here, Topsy," he added, giving a whistle, as a man would to call the attention of a dog, "give us a song, now, and show us some of your dancing.
Yes, Mas'r," said Topsy, with sanctimonious gravity, her wicked eyes twinkling as she spoke.
You're going to be good, Topsy, you understand," said St.
O yes, Mas'r," said Topsy, with another twinkle, her hands still devoutly folded.
persisted Topsy, with another grin, that looked so goblin-like, that, if Miss Ophelia had been at all nervous, she might have fancied that she had got hold of some sooty gnome from the land of Diablerie; but Miss Ophelia was not nervous, but plain and business-like, and she said, with some sternness,
With a self-sacrifice which some of our readers will appreciate, she resolved, instead of comfortably making her own bed, sweeping and dusting her own chamber,--which she had hitherto done, in utter scorn of all offers of help from the chambermaid of the establishment,--to condemn herself to the martyrdom of instructing Topsy to perform these operations,--ah, woe the day
Miss Ophelia began with Topsy by taking her into her chamber, the first morning, and solemnly commencing a course of instruction in the art and mystery of bed-making.
Behold, then, Topsy, washed and shorn of all the little braided tails wherein her heart had delighted, arrayed in a clean gown, with well-starched apron, standing reverently before Miss Ophelia, with an expression of solemnity well befitting a funeral.
Now, Topsy, I'm going to show you just how my bed is to be made.
Yes, ma'am," says Topsy, with a deep sigh, and a face of woful earnestness.
Now, Topsy, look here;--this is the hem of the sheet,--this is the right side of the sheet, and this is the wrong;--will you remember?
Yes, ma'am," said Topsy, as before;--but we will add, what Miss Ophelia did not see, that, during the time when the good lady's back was turned in the zeal of her manipulations, the young disciple had contrived to snatch a pair of gloves and a ribbon, which she had adroitly slipped into her sleeves, and stood with her hands dutifully folded, as before.
Now, Topsy, let's see you do this," said Miss Ophelia, pulling off the clothes, and seating herself.
I never tell no lies, Miss Feely," said Topsy, with virtuous gravity; "it's jist the truth I've been a tellin now, and an't nothin else.
Laws, Missis, if you's to whip all day, couldn't say no other way," said Topsy, beginning to blubber.