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topple down

[for a stack of something] to crumple and fall down. The chimney toppled down in the earthquake. The woodpile toppled down during the night and scared us all to death.
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topple off (of) something

 and topple from something
to fall off the top of something very tall. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Careful there! You might topple off of that wall. I didn't get too close to the edge, because I was afraid of toppling off. She toppled off the wall. The vase toppled from its shelf in the quake.
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topple over

[for something very tall] to fall over. I was afraid that Jimmy's stack of blocks would topple over. The stack of books toppled over and ended up as a jumbled mess on the floor.
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topple something down

to cause a stack of something to crumple and fall down. The earthquake toppled the chimney down. The hurricane toppled down the weakest buildings.
See also: down, topple
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Group left no stone unturned to topple the bull and finally they managed to do it, but at that time, a man, who keeping the bull's head came to full nelson when bull toppled down.
Political turmoil and militant violence after the 2011 uprising that toppled autocrat Hosni Mubarak have hammered tourism, a pillar of the economy.
In June 1995, however, Shaikh Khalifa was toppled by his first son Hamad and the new ruler of Qatar began overtures to Dubai.
A CALDERDALE man died when a giant crane toppled on top of him.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Hundreds of Iraqis have demonstrated in Baghdad's Firdous Square, heading to central Baghdad's al-Tahrir (Liberation) Square on Thursday, to commemorate the 53rd anniversary of July 14, 1958 Revolution that toppled the monarchy and established a republican regime in Iraq.
bullets from the security police and armored cars that had deployed there to prevent the sanam' (false deity) from being toppled", a witness told Reuters, referring to the 6-meter stone statue.
"The Arab people will stand against tyranny because it is painful, rejected and insulting," said Moussa, a candidate for the Egyptian presidency from which Hosni Mubarak was toppled last month after 30 years of iron rule.
27 because of an uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak, will not open before Tuesday, Egypt&'s official MENA news agency quoted the bourse&'s chairman as saying, according to Reuters....
We know that Europe had similar protests that toppled Governments," Albert Musliu stated.
Staff at Palatine, colleagues from Newcastle City Council and YHN and other volunteers eventually toppled 400 mattresses.
But it actually made the whole thing more exciting, to be honest." Until a fortnight ago the world record was held by a group in China who toppled 256 mattresses in May this year.
SIX children were taken to hospital and 13 others were treated for minor injuries after a bus with school pupils on board toppled over.
Summary: A French peacekeeper died on Tuesday when his vehicle toppled near the southern Lebanese border town of Kfarshouba
A 30- YEAR- OLD call centre employee died on Sunday morning when a crane at a construction site of the Delhi Jal Board ( DJB) toppled over his car.
GARDNER - Blue, a Worcester County Sheriff's Department bloodhound, sniffed a sterile pad that had just been rubbed on a toppled gravestone yesterday afternoon, let out a loud, mournful yelp, and headed off through Crystal Lake Cemetery.