topple off

topple off (of) something

 and topple from something
to fall off the top of something very tall. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Careful there! You might topple off of that wall. I didn't get too close to the edge, because I was afraid of toppling off. She toppled off the wall. The vase toppled from its shelf in the quake.
See also: off, topple
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The right wheel of the jeepney burst, causing it to topple off the mountain road.
On my birthday last year, I managed to topple off my stilettos and land on my handbag, smashing my makeup, perfume, phone and causing a tremor of 7.
MY first thoughts when seeing it is that it''s going to be very wobbly and unstable and I fear I may topple off my chair.
MY first thoughts when seeing it is that it''''s going to be very wobbly and unstable and I fear I may topple off my chair.
Whether it's right, or whether it's wrong, it needs saying anyway: the South appears to believe it has a God-given right to sup off a silver spoon, while the flat-capped North must beg for any crumbs that somehow topple off the table.
With machine guns mounted on the backs of jeeps, the army needed men with a lower center of gravity--that is, shorter--who'd be less likely to topple off while operating the guns.
It enabled them to stage a scene from recent 'blockbuster', titled "Las-Del", in which a boy, girl, and horse topple off a cliff.
I'm scared he may topple off and do himself an injury.
If a machine gun mount fails, bullets could go flying where they're not supposed to or a machine gun could topple off a tank or truck.
Snapshot #2: My 18-year-old sister Luanne, standing with clumps of friends, all of them grinning and wearing the dark green gowns of their upcoming graduation and clutching mortarboards that threaten to topple off their heads.
With even more luck the pound will topple off its perch without going into a plunge that alarms the Bank of England's monetary committee.
Due to increasing size and new ultra-thin designs, today's flat panel TVs can easily tip when bumped or pulled, causing them to topple off furniture, potentially causing injury or even death.
ATTENTION J Cressida Bonas " As long as none of the band topple off it, that is
And if you're working on the top rungs of a stepladder, always keep one hand free to hold onto the handrail, as it's easy to lose your balance and topple off backwards.