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slang A table that can accommodate four people, as in a restaurant. Put that party at the four-topper here, and I'll have one of the busboys clean that booth.


n. a restaurant table that will seat four people. (Restaurant jargon.) Please seat these two couples at the four-topper in the corner.


n. a restaurant table that will seat two people. (Restaurant jargon.) There are two-toppers on each side of the kitchen door.
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Summary: Toppers are self-motivated students, who have worked systematically under the effective guidance of efficient teachers and supportive parents
The school topper was Shahnaz, who earned 98.4 per cent.
The Zem Media Digital Topper is the type of economical, value added service that ATM operators are looking to use to gain an advantage over their competition.
Earlier in March, the ED had attached properties worth Rs 4.53 crore of the alleged kingpin of the toppers' scandal in Bihar Intermediate examination.
The Hopper Topper is made from a heavy tarp material, with grommets at the bottom and top that allow it to be cinched around the bottom of the hopper and over the portion of the auger that is placed in the hopper.
Ryan Brown, president of Topper Industrial added, "Topper is proud to have a strong counterpart in automation that has 20 years of experience developing advanced technologies and has brought vast improvements to tuggers and the automatic guided vehicle (AGV) market."
Ojaswi Malik, 17, who is Delhi's humanities topper at 98.8 per cent, also from DPS R K Puram, has been a reason for pride for her teachers too.
You have to recall that one of the key elements for best full memory foam mattress topper is the temperature affectability.
PGDM topper- Divya Manchanda(76.41%), PGDM (International Business) topper - Anish Mittal(78.15%), PGDM(Retail) topper- Jimmi Gupta(80.69%), MCA topper- Shruti Aggarwal(92.2%), BBA toppers- Sanjana ahuja, Paras jain and BCA toppers- Sonali Mallik , Shail Shakya were conferred with the medals.
"It is our job to educate the consumer about the importance of the bedding topper to quality sleep," he said, adding that airweave bedding toppers on top of even an inferior mattress will assure more restorative sleep.
That was long before the neighborhood fell into the blight and neglect of the present day, so much so that he could remember a swank Prohibition era speakeasy, the Topper Social Club, where dance bands played and Magaddino family wiseguys brought their dates on Saturday nights.
THE field for the Coral Welsh Grand National at Chepstow has been shaken up with the news top weight Harry Topper will no longer run in the race.
Harry Topper, with Jason Maguire on board at Newbury earlier |this year, has been forced out of the Welsh Grand National
Create an elegant, heat-resistant table topper with reverse applique.
If you have even a passing interest in great beer, chances are good you've heard of Heady Topper, the intensely hoppy, grapefruitily-delicious American double IPA by The Alchemist Brewery in Waterbury, Vermont.