top the bill

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top the bill

To be the featured person in an event. Two professors from New York University are topping the bill at the conference on climate change this weekend. Up until now he's only been a supporting act, but he's going to top the bill for the first time next Saturday.
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top (or head) the bill

be the main performer or act in a show, play, etc.
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head/top the ˈbill

be the most important item or performer in a show, play, etc: Topping the bill tonight will be Robbie Williams.
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Nile Rodgers and CHIC topped the bill last night, treating fans to their huge catalogue of hits including Le Freak and Good Times, while earlier Ella Eyre, Mic Lowry, and Anton Powers rocked the park with dazzling and dynamic performances.
On a night that, after the mix of warm sunshine and heavy rain of the previous days, was always going to be greeted with a mixed bag of weather, 80s legend Astley topped the bill at Tynemouth Priory.
On a night that served up a mixed bag of weather, 80s legend Astley topped the bill at Tynemouth Priory.
"Candelas topped the bill on the first night and Bryn Fon will do the same on Thursday.
A RE-CREATION of the iconic Mercedes Benz 300 SLR topped the bill at [euro]326,250 when Silverstone Auctions made its international debut at the Classic Race Aarhus in Denmark.
Summary: The Scissor Sisters topped the bill at the BT River of Music Festival at the Tower of London
The rockers topped the bill at this year's Scots festival RockNess, but Andy wants to top the bill at the Worthy Farm gig in 2009.
The following year Hendrix topped the chart with the classic Voodoo Chile, and topped the bill at the Isle of Wight Festival.
Heather Small, formerly of M People, topped the bill, alongside Eurovision hopeful Javine.
The Beverley Sisters yesterday topped the bill at the fourth anniversary Midday Variety Show at a popular venue which this year is celebrating its 30th birthday.
FORMER stable star Kadastrof topped the bill at Robin Dickin's open morning yesterday, with the event attracting 600 people through the gates of the trainer's Stratford yard.
Charlotte, 13, topped the bill at the open air event, but the Voice of an Angel singer was hit when the heavens opened.
Cardiff schoolgirl Charlotte was the main attraction when she topped the bill at the event in Swansea.
He topped the bill on a booze cruise over to Europe, I was the comic, the ship was packed but no-one was to be seen, it was a force 10 gale.
He also topped the bill on the previous show when he won the British Masters welterweight title.