top dog

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the top dog

The person with the most authority, power, or influence in a group or organization. When I was the top dog of the business, I used to charge the most outrageous things to the company credit card. You'll only get a truthful answer if you manage to talk to one of the top dogs.
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ˌtop ˈdog

(informal) a person, group or country that is better or more powerful than all the others: He’s top dog in television drama now.
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top dog

n. the person in charge or in power; a company officer. The reporter tried to get hold of one of the top dogs but couldn’t get past the secretary.
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8220;By merging Lake Mary Car Wash under the Top Dog Express name, we're able to offer our customers the convenience and benefits of more locations under the same name, and ourselves the ability to continue a cohesive branding growth.
Thus TR was not in the Top Dog Seat when the hearing on her daddy-in-law's bill came up.
The Top Dog contest is offering the owner of the winning dog Marriott travel benefits and a 10 percent discount at the hotel's SOCCi urban Italian kitchen + bar, offer available until May 31st, 2012.
If they get them into shape in the three areas of agility, scent work and - wait for it - doggie dancing, they could be crowned Britain's Top Dog.
All Top Dog sights feature a reversible offset extension bar for right or left handed shooters and comes with .
We are hoping to launch a new product, Top Dogs Direct,' he says, from his Birmingham office near the Mailbox.
While it is patently obvious that precious few of health care CEOs are physicians, there is absolutely no reason that those that have not matriculated and graduated from a medical school are somehow better qualified for the top dog position.
District coroner Dewi Pritchard-Jones last night revealed the 21-year-old songwriter and guitarist in the band Top Dog had died of natural causes.
As the SEC's top dog, Pitt, who is a Republican, will oversee many of the industries he used to represent as a partner with the New York-based law firm of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson.
The very smart top dog principal has a perfect solution to the chaos of four dogs invading her school, and the dogs leave, obeying her command, covered with paint spots and food scraps and scuffle marks, having had a wonderful time.
com)-- GUND, known for its top quality, soft and huggable plush designs and gift products, is celebrating man's best friend with its first-ever Top Dog Contest, launching today.