top brass

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the top brass

The person or people with the most authority, power, or influence in a group or organization. When I was the top brass of the business, I used to charge the most outrageous things to the company credit card. You'll only get a truthful answer if you manage to talk to the top brass.
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top brass

the highest leader(s); the boss(es). (Originally military.) The top brass turned thumbs down on the proposal. You'll have to check it out with the top brass. She'll be home around five.
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top brass

see under brass hat.
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(the) ˌtop ˈbrass

(British English, informal) people with power and authority: The top brass got a huge pay rise. OPPOSITE: (the) rank and file
Officers in the military wear brass (= a bright yellow metal) or gold badges to show their position.
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top brass

n. the highest leader(s); the boss(es). (Originally military.) You’ll have to check it out with the top brass. She’ll be home around five.
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top brass, the

The highest-ranking officials or executives in an organization. The expression is generally thought to come from the late-nineteenth-century British army, when senior officers had gold oak leaves decorating the brim of their caps. John Ciardi, however, proposed another etymology, from the cocked hat worn by French officers in Napoleon’s time, which was folded and carried under the arm (in French, chapeaux à bras) while indoors; Ciardi believed the British changed bras to brass, and referred to officers as brass hats. By World War II both that term and top brass were in common use and afterward were transferred to peacetime officialdom as well. Thus, “The top police brass spreads out a hot carpet for the local cops” (Philadelphia Bulletin, 1949).
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Does the top brass see such a constellation as being realistic?
This prompted the Tory Whips to go into overdrive, getting their own ministers to vote against a proposal we know the Tory top brass supported.
Still it''s good to knowthatwhilst the infantry are slogging away in Afghanistan, the children of the top brass are receiving a sound education at one of the top public schools - courtesy of the tax payer.
Summary: ANKARA, Sha&'ban 23, 1431/Aug 4, 2010, SPA -- Turkey announced a round of promotions for the top brass in NATO&'s second largest military on Wednesday but unexpectedly failed to name a new head of the armed forces or army chief, Reuters cited Anatolian news agency as saying.
Founded in 1992 to market water-based metal cleaners in the commercial and retail markets, Top Brass Inc.
The Ever Ready Band beat five other top brass bands to win the championship trophy in a contest staged at Newcastle City Hall and New Tyne Theatre.
China's top brass is getting an infusion of younger blood as the military has undergone an extensive rejuvenation of its top ranks since January, with the ascendancy of naval officers grabbing the limelight.
To cope with that transition, the top brass needs to shed their small town cultural insulation and work with these different constituencies, thereby taking some steam out of their opponents' sails.
Brown, whose send-off from the top brass last month was a magnificent and memorable occasion, has booked top London eating spot The Ivy to entertain the firm's middle management.
Top brass say the aircraft carrier will not be needed for a tour of Asia.
it gives an important signal to both the top brass and the civilian bureaucracy that the Soviet military machine will remain."
Megson has compiled a video nasty of all the refereeing howlers that he believes have robbed the Baggies and sent it to the Premiership's top brass. He claims Albion are being 'picked on' and treated like 'second-class citizens'.
Lay and much of the top brass who knew that Enron was in financial shambles, however, had been parachuting out of the stock by exercising options before the company's troubles were made public.
Risk managers or those in charge of information security for, corporations must first convince the company's top brass of and educate them about the need for the coverage.
WHEN SADDAM HUSSEIN BLASTED into Kuwait in August 1990, the Pentagon's top brass showed little enthusiasm for a bombing campaign.