top and tail something

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top and tail

Primarily heard in UK.
1. noun The act of quickly washing the head and buttocks of a baby or small child. We need to remember to start doing top and tail each evening before we put Samantha to bed. The GP said the cradle cap was because she's not getting washed often enough.
2. verb To quickly wash the head and buttocks of a baby or small child. It's too late for a bath, so just top and tail him after you brush his teeth.
3. verb To cut off the top and bottom ends of a fruit or vegetable as part of its preparation for a meal. Next, top and tail the cucumbers and slice them into thin spears, removing the seedy flesh from the centre.
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ˌtop and ˈtail something

(British English) cut the top and bottom parts off fruit and vegetables to prepare them to be cooked or eaten: There’s no need to top and tail the gooseberries, just steam or bake them with sugar.
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