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1. verb To best or outshine someone in some pursuit. I don't think I can top Brian—I just can't run that fast. That story was crazy—how can I top it?
2. verb, slang To kill someone. Ray topped the informant, just as the boss told him to.
3. noun A usually circular toy with a top handle and a bottom point, on which it is balanced and then spun (to see how long it can stay spinning). Back in my day, we got toys like tops and yo-yos—none of these fancy dolls and video games!
4. noun A shirt. Can you answer the door? Someone's knocking and I haven't got a top on! No, I think I liked that purple top on you better.
5. noun In baseball and softball, the first half of an inning. It's the top of the ninth, and the Angels are winning 7-6.
6. noun In sexual activity between two men, the person who penetrates (and who is often viewed as dominant). If you're both tops, then what are you going to do in the bedroom?

top (oneself)

1. To commit suicide. Primarily heard in UK. A: "Did you hear that his father topped himself over the weekend?" B: "Yeah, I can't believe it. Everyone is still in shock."
2. To outdo or outperform one's previous effort(s) or achievement(s). Primarily heard in US. Wow, you've really topped yourself with these cupcakes, Stephen!
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top someone or something

to do or be better than someone or something. Ann has done very well, but I don't think she can top Jane. Do you think your car tops mine when it comes to gas mileage?
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1. tv. to surpass someone or something. Can you top this one?
2. tv. to kill someone. Spike was gonna top Bart first.
3. n. the first half of a baseball inning. Wilbur hit a nice double-bagger in the top half of the fourth.
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