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tootle along

1. To walk forward in a leisurely or aimless manner; to stroll along. We're never going to see everything if you keep tootling along like that!
2. To follow the course of something in a leisurely or aimless manner; to stroll along something. We tootled along the beach chatting about all sorts of things.
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tootle off

To walk leisurely or carelessly away (from someone or something); to stroll or amble off. The man just took his food and then tootled off without paying! I used to be a guide for a walking tour when I lived in Florence, and you always had people tootling off throughout the day.
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A quaint, informal, and lighthearted expression of farewell. Primarily heard in UK. Thank you for your hospitality, but I had best be going. Tootle-oo! She waved out the window of the train to her family and shouted, "Tootle-oo!"


A quaint, informal, and lighthearted expression of farewell. Thank you for a lovely lunch, but I'd better get going. Tootles! A: "See you all tomorrow!" B: "Tootles, Jan!"
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tootle along

in. to depart. I think I’d better tootle along now.
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But it was Bayliss who was caught by right-back Matt Tootle on the edge of the box to the left of goal in the 86th minute, leaving the referee to blow for a penalty.
The point I find most amusing is that motorists are happy to tootle along at 79mph on a motorway.
Cool Dawn spent his retirement hunting with his owner, Baroness Harding, who said: "He was an awesome hunter, it was a bit like taking a Formula One car for a tootle on the motorway."
Notts County: Fitzsimons, Jones, Brisley, Duffy, Tootle, Grant, Yates, Hewitt, Hawkridge, Stead, Alessandra.
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Butler was sent off for using "excessive force" when challenging for a high ball after referee Craig Hicks judged that he had caught Magpies defender Matt Tootle with an elbow.
The harrowing dash-cam footage shows the Volvo lorry being driven by Peter Tootle, 61, crashing into the stationary vehicles and shunting them along.
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