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The interior of a dark tooth can be dead, but not infected; it can be left alone.
There's also a tradition of throwing a baby tooth into the air in some Middle-Eastern countries - a gift to Allah.
Nonetheless, beyond tooth decay, many other things can cause a tooth ache.
At this point in time, the cause of tooth resorption in cats is unknown.
Drinks with added fruit or fruit flavorings weren't the only things found to be a leading cause of tooth erosion.
Although its etiology still remains unclear; hereditary influence, disease processes, dichotomy of the tooth germ, excessive growth of the dental lamina have been suggested as possible causative factors (2, 4, 18, 19).
"As the veneer is very thin, the tooth itself doesn't require much shaping or filing in order to fit the veneer."
Children living in Northeast states also received a pretty penny for their first lost tooth, raking in between $5.08 and $6.31, while kids in the South received $4.57 to $4.88 for their first lost teeth.
One after another, his teeth were lost to tooth decay, until only one tooth was left.
Bridges and implants are two ways to replace a missing tooth or teeth.
Upon the arrival of the first tooth, you can expect a full set of 20 baby teeth over the next three years.
Three or four posts are drilled into what is left of the tooth and the cap or crown can be fitted on to them.
-Find the tooth. Attempt replant ONLY if it is a permanent tooth.
Pitillo says she plans to add at least two products--Happy Teeth Tiny Tooth and Gum Wipes--to the lineup this year.