take years off (of) (one)

(redirected from took years off him)

take years off (of) (one)

To cause one to look younger. Wow, that makeover really took years off you! If I shave my beard, it will take years off of me.
See also: off, take, year

take years off (of) someone or something

to make someone seem or look younger. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) My exciting vacation took years off of me. Your shorter haircut has taken years off your face.
See also: off, take, year

take ˈyears off somebody

make somebody feel or look much younger: The new hairstyle takes years off her.
See also: off, somebody, take, year
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It took years off him. Making people feel good about themselves is a positive about this job.
"And even as Sarah was talking to him, it took years off him. It gave him hope and he was delighted.