take (one) to one side

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take (one) to one side

To move one to a quiet location apart from other people so as to speak with them privately. The boss took me to one side and told me my recent performance had not been satisfactory. I took the student to one side to tell him the terrible news.
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take someone to one side

Fig. to lead someone to a relatively private place, to say something private or give private instructions. (See also take someone aside.) Gary took Fran to one side to talk to her. I will take Sue to one side and have a word with her about this matter.
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take/draw somebody to one ˈside

take somebody away from a group of people in order to speak to them in private: She took me to one side to explain why she hadn’t given me the job.
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"He took us to one side," said Lukaku, who is preparing for his country's opening World Cup qualifier against Cyprus tonight.
We spoke to the guy there who has been sorting it out, who took us to one side and told us it was closing, that they had health and safety people in and had issues with access.
"We thought at first that there'd been an accident with the car, but then officers took us to one side and told us what had happened.
Susan, 40, said: "Doctors took us to one side and told us that our baby son had less than a 20 per cent chance of surviving.
Are mum and dad alright"They took us to one side, told us what happened and then took us straight to the hospital to see mum."
Within a few weeks of attending Bernie's, she took us to one side and said she could tell he had something special."
We were the only two Brits in the group and on he first afternoon he took us to one side: "These Germans are rubbish.
'After almost a week, a paediatrician took us to one side and said we were under investigation.
'When the referee took us to one side I thought he would show us a yellow card, but when the red came out I was gobsmacked
It would be great if he took us to one side and passed on some tips.