take (someone or something) into (something or some place)

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take (someone or something) into (something or some place)

1. To move or bring someone or something into the inside of something or some place. Everyone at the pool took their kids into the changing rooms while the thunder storm passed by. I'll take it into my workshop for the night.
2. To provide someone or something with lodging or accommodation, especially in one's own home. The hotel has been taking homeless families into its unused rooms during the winter months. You need to stop bringing so many rescue animals into the house—I appreciate your intentions, but we simply don't have the space!
3. To transfer someone or something into a new or changed condition, state, or situation. Federal agents took the congressman into custody after the video tape emerged of him accepting bribes. We'll take your statement into consideration.
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take something into some place

 and take something in
to carry something into a place. Fred took the birthday cake into the dining room. Liz took in the cake for us.
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take into

1. To move something to the interior of something: We took the boxes into the garage.
2. To have someone or something live or lodge in one's house: We took three kittens into our home.
3. To change the state or condition of something or someone: The sudden gust of wind took the airplane into a tailspin. The sheriff took the suspect into custody.
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References in classic literature ?
We anchored outside the reef; but in a short time a pilot came on board and took us into the inner harbour, where we lay close to the town.
Next, a short journey took us into Beilstein, one of the most beautiful villages on the Moselle where individually-styled houses adorned with floral displays give off an abundance of aromas.
In contrast the route took us into the modern area passing by the European Parliament and Court of Human Rights.
The Earl of Aberdeen took us into the Crimean War and was forced to resign afterwards.
Disraeli took us into wars with Afghanistan and against the Zulus.
"The result in Belgrade that took us into the Champions League was huge," added Smith.