take back

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take back

1. To take possession of something one had previously given, lent, or lost possession of to someone else. A noun or pronoun can be used between "take" and "back." I want to take back my video game from Jerry so I can play it over the weekend. This bank foreclosed on me illegally. The way I see it, this is just taking my own money back.
2. To return something one has purchased for a refund. A noun or pronoun can be used between "take" and "back." I need to take back this blender—it doesn't work when I plug it in. You can take anything you've purchased back to us within 14 days, so long as it is still unopened in its original packaging.
3. To retract or rescind something one has said. A noun or pronoun can be used between "take" and "back." If you don't take that back, I'm telling Mom! The senator quickly took back his statement, claiming he had gotten confused on the issue.
4. To transport one mentally or emotionally to a time in the past. A noun or pronoun is used between "take" and "back." Wow, hearing that song really takes me back!
5. To accept someone back into one's life to resume a romantic relationship. A noun or pronoun can be used between "take" and "back." I can't believe you took her back after you caught her cheating on you! Gina is going to take back Benny again, I just know it.
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take something back (from someone)

to take possession of something that one had previously given away. I took my sweater back from Tim, since he never wore it. I took back my money from the child.
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take something back

to retract a statement; to rescind one's remark. You had better take back what you said about my sister. I won't take what I said back! She's a twit!
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take one back (to some time)

Fig. to cause one to think of a time in the past. This takes me back to the time I spent the summer in Paris. What you said really takes me back.
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take back

1. Retract a statement, as in I said you weren't much of a cook but after that dinner I take it all back. This usage was first recorded in 1775.
2. take one back. Return in thought to a past time, as in That music takes me back to the first dance I ever went to. [Late 1800s]
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take back

1. To retrieve and regain possession of something: I had to take back my jacket from your closet because I need to wear it. I took my book back because I forgot that I had written some notes in the margins. The store won't take back clothing if it has been worn.
2. To return something to some location: I took the book back to the library. The toaster I bought didn't work, so I had to take it back.
3. To cause someone to return in thought to a past time: That old song sure takes me back. The smell of the ocean takes me back to our first trip to the beach.
4. To retract something stated, written, or done: What a terrible thing to say—I demand that you take it back. After your bad behavior, I take back all the nice things I said about you. I wish I could take back my embarrassing performance.
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References in classic literature ?
My conductor led me upstairs into a passage which took us back to the bedchamber in which I had slept during the past night; and opening the door next to it, begged me to look in.
Amber, 32, took us back to the roaring Twenties in a fringed flapperstyle dress by Oscar de la Renta.
Peter took us back over 1,000 years to the village's first mention, then gave us a potted history of its growth and development over the centuries .
INSIDE No 9 (BBC2, Tuesday) maintained its sky-high standards this week with the brilliant tale Once Removed, which started at the end and then took us back "10 minutes earlier" - on four occasions.
In true Google style, the search engine giant presented itself with a doodle, one that took us back to the '90s web and computer world.
In an incredible experiment inside the world's largest vacuum chamber, Prof Brian Cox (above) reveals how Einstein formulated a new theory of gravity, that ulitmately took us back to the Big Bang.
Thank you, Stan, for the lovely records you put on for us to dance to, for the friendships we made and the memories you took us back to, with all the stories of the celebrities you came in contact with.
I wasn't aware that the victory took us back to the top, that's all well and good but titles aren't won at this time of the year.'' However, Bridgend team manager Wayne Hall was unhappy with the way the Ravens were penalised at scrum time.
The trio took us back to 2010, finishing on What You Know, which had the crowd dancing on the tables.
The new BBC2 drama Pan Am took us back to the golden age of air travel in 1963 when you were met with grace and beauty getting on a plane.
Good Night, and Good Luck (Warner Independent) took us back to the early days of television with a morality tale about the duties of a free press--not merely to entertain and distract, but also to inform, educate, and question.
The Ivy League opened the programme with a very professional act mixing their old hits with a sprinkling of well executed comedy then Herman's Hermits took us back in time with their renditions of their successes such as `I'm Into Something Good' and Reg Presley led out the top of the bill The Troggs ('Wild Thing', `Love is All Around') in a barnstorming finish.
Their Village People moustaches took us back to an era when wood panelling was in and stone cladding the fireplace was chic.
Somewhere along the way we met Darryl Freedman, who was some longboarder dude who took us back to his crypt and showed us a video of him launching himself off a ramp into a double-flip yard sale off some bridge in SD.
He said: "We weren't happy when Brian Clough took us back to the hotel 30 miles into the hills.