take (one's) chances

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take (one's) chances

1. To seize and make the most of opportunities as they present themselves. It was a heartbreaking loss, but we have no one to blame but ourselves—if you don't take your chances in a game, you're never going to succeed.
2. To try to do something that carries a high risk of having a negative or unfortunate outcome. A: "You know that this deal could bankrupt the company, right?" B: "But if it works, it will make us a fortune. Let's take our chances."
See also: chance, take

take one's chances

Accept the risks, resign oneself to whatever happens, as in I've no idea whether this scheme will work; I'll just take my chances. [Early 1300s]
See also: chance, take

take ˈchances

do risky things: Take no chances: don’t lend money to people you don’t know.
See also: chance, take

take your ˈchances

(informal) make as much use as you can of your opportunities: When the offer of a job in Singapore came, I accepted it. After all, you have to take your chances in life.
See also: chance, take
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They took their chances and that made the difference.
St Mirren took their chances and scored two goals then we're chasing the game.
The lads worked really hard and took their chances."
Titterrell took his scoring pass from Lions hopeful Dallaglio, who said: "They punished our looseness and took their chances well."
Winnington took their chances smartly wheras Stockport missed many of theirs during a hectic second-half when both sides' backs raced theballfrom end to end.
Sligo, who took their chances in the second half, capitalised on two basic errors in the Mayo full backline and rattled the Mayo goal midway through the half.
Skipper Tomas Danilevicus said: "They took their chances and we didn't.
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