take the biscuit

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take the biscuit

To be the most disappointing, annoying, shocking, outrageous, or egregious thing to have happened or been done. (Usually said hyperbolically.) But when I found out that he had been reading through my text messages, well, that took the biscuit! The government is using the taxes from the working class to bail out the banks that ruined the economy? That really takes the biscuit!
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take the biscuit

If someone or something takes the biscuit, they represent the most extreme example of something stupid or bad. For dirty tricks I can assure you it is the medical practice that really take the biscuit. I've heard some odd things in my time but that took the biscuit. This ban takes the biscuit. The whole idea is ridiculous and bureaucratic and not fair on the children. Note: This expression has a similar origin to `take the cake', which refers to the practice in the past of awarding cakes as prizes in competitions. Compare with take the cake.
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take the biscuit (or bun or cake)

be the most remarkable. informal
1925 P. G. Wodehouse Letter Of all the poisonous, foul, ghastly places, Cannes takes the biscuit with absurd ease.
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take the ˈbiscuit

(British English) (also take the ˈcake American English, British English ) (informal) be especially surprising, annoying, etc: Well, that really takes the biscuit! She asks if she can borrow the car, then keeps it for a month!
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Thieves took the biscuit when they broke into a lorry at a layby on the A5 near Rugby early yesterday.
But he took the biscuit when he called Saints sub Liam Craig a "very offensive player" - as opposed to a midfielder who likes to attack.
Fry said: ``I should imagine I have had the worst month personally in my life -- and that took the biscuit.
LEISURE pursuits in the 1950s really took the biscuit, as far as this group of Liverpool employees was concerned
SIR ALEX FERGUSON took the biscuit yesterday when quizzed about his new role as Scotland's football czar.
Her dogs, German shepherd cross Butch and Staffordshire cross Rocky, weren't amused at the dinner delay as mother-of-two Mary took the biscuit bag back to the supermarket.
ALEX Salmond really took the biscuit in the search for votes yesterday.
Last week, the comedy double act of Hague and Portillo took the biscuit.
KEVIN-PRINCE BOATENG'S penalty in the FA Cup Final was bad but Yann Kermorgant's for Leicester in midweek really took the biscuit.