take (one's) temperature

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take (one's) temperature

To measure one's internal body temperature. You're forehead feels pretty warm to me; let me take your temperature and see if you're running a fever.
See also: take, temperature

take someone's temperature

to measure a person's body temperature with a thermometer. I took my temperature and I found that I am running a fever. The nurse took my temperature and said I was okay.
See also: take, temperature

take somebody’s ˈtemperature

measure the heat of somebody’s body, using a thermometer: The nurse took my temperature; it was 38°.
See also: take, temperature
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The penny dropped and we took her temperature - 106 degrees.
The NMC alleges she did not tell Public Health England screening staff who took her temperature at the airport that she had recently taken paracetamol and she left the area without reporting her true temperature.
Margaret, a grandmother-of-four, was put on a trolley before a nurse took her temperature and connected her up to a heart monitor.
When the nurse took her temperature, he found that it had already climbed to 102 F.
Public Health England staff, in charge of screening for the virus at the airport, took her temperature six more times before allowing her on to a connecting flight to her home in Glasgow.
I jumped up, put some on to cook, took her temperature and found it was normal.