take (great) pains with (something)

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take (great) pains with (something)

To expend a lot of time, effort, and care doing something. Your tutor took great pains with your instruction, but it's obvious that you've totally wasted his time and our money! It's clear that the owners have taken great pains with the interior design of the new restaurant. My grandmother always took pains with her appearance throughout her life, so losing her hair during her cancer treatment was especially difficult for her.
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take (great) pains (to do something)

Fig. to make a great effort to do something. Tom took pains to decorate the room exactly right. We took great pains to get there on time.
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take pains with someone or something

Fig. to deal with someone or something with great care. He really took pains with me to make sure I understood it all. Ken took pains with the model plane.
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take (great) ˈpains with something/to do something


go to great ˈpains to do something

make a great effort to do something well, carefully, properly, etc: It looks easy but in fact he went to great pains to achieve that particular effect in his paintings.She takes great pains with the flower arrangements.
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References in classic literature ?
You took great pains to conceal your thoughts from me.
But his zeal did not grow cold; and only about five years before his death he took great pains in preparing a new edition of the Indian Bible."
She took great pains to prevent her work from spoiling her hands, and they were small, thin, and white.
We took great pains to further you on your way home to Ithaca, or wherever it was that you wanted to go to.'
I took great pains, in constructing it, to secure a pleasant impression.
Jarndyce took great pains to talk with him seriously and to put it to his good sense not to deceive himself in so important a matter.
So they took great pains to direct the popular mind towards defensive artillery, and to divert it from any thought of aerial battle.
I took great pains in collecting the insects, but excepting Tierra del Fuego, I never saw in this respect so poor a country.
"President (Moon Jae-in) and staff from the foreign ministry, as well as embassy staff in Abu Dhabi, took great pains to rescue me over the 315 days," Joo told a throng of reporters at Incheon International Airport.
The video editors took great pains to include Chinese subtitles and label key geographical features in simplified Chinese characters.
Russian sympathies toward Germans were understandably nonexistent for much of the twentieth century, so Kirill's grandmother took great pains to conceal their German roots as much as possible.
Najib explained that BN took great pains in screening their candidates several times, describing the process as a tedious and thorough one.
Saleemi said his team took great pains in producing an authentic and quality modern software of Urdu and hoped Harf Kaar will be consulted, used and downloaded by all those who wanted to compose essays, poems, articles or stories etc in correct, error-free Urdu.
For the 'mistake' to be accepted by viewers, scriptwriters took great pains to make the error believable.
Cameron took great pains to distinguish radical Islamists from mainstream British Muslims, and forcefully denounced bigotry directed towards the latter, but did not shy away from acknowledging a connection between Islamic extremism and Islam itself.