take care of business

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take care of business

To do whatever is necessary to resolve something, make progress, get by, cope with one's circumstances, etc. Our last manager was really lazy. I'm hoping the person they're bringing in to replace him will take care of business. I know it can seem overwhelming when there's so much to get done, but just start taking care of business one step at a time.
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(just) taking care of business

Fig. doing what I am supposed to do; an answer to the question "What are you doing lately?" (Also abbreviated T.C.B.) Bill: Hey, man. What you been doing? Tom: Just taking care of business. Andy: Look, officer, I'm just standing here, taking care of business, and this Tom guy comes up and tries to hit me for a loan. Tom: That's not true!
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taking care of business

tv. doing what one is meant to do; coping with life as it is. (see also TCB.) Walter is taking care of business. Back in a minute.
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tv. taking care of business; doing things that have to be done. (Black. Initialism.) He’s TCB; that’s where he is.
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But the show went on, and Baguio City took care of business in wushu and muay thai where it won 14 and 10 gold medals, respectively-enough to pull itself away from Cebu City and Davao City.
Senegalese big man Maodo Malick Diouf flirted with a triple double of 19 markers, 21 boards and seven swats for the Scorpions, who also took care of business as they extended their unscathed run to five games to share the Group A's pole position with fellow unbeaten squad Marinerong Pilipino.
Still, Pons took care of business, leading the Blaze Spikers to a strong start and an even stronger finish to dominate the Lady Realtors en route to claiming a grand slam.
"But, hats off to them they took care of business. So, from that standpoint it kind of puts the pressure on them."
Clemson, meanwhile, took care of business against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to the tune of a 30-3 thrashing in the other playoff game on Saturday.
The 21-year-old is enjoying a fantastic campaign and took his tally to 17 goals in 18 appearances with the double which took care of business.
"We took care of business eventually," Carmel coach Ray Krawzak said.
Pitcher Ace Aday Reyes delivered a stellar performance for the Filipinos, allowing a single one hit and striking out eight, while the Pinoy batters took care of business on offense, tagging the Indons with 16 hits in the abbreviated outing, including 10 in the bottom first that led to 11 runs and a double-digit cushion that set the tone for the romp.
Wyatt Earp and the lawmen took care of business against the "Cowboys" and the shoot-out lasted just 30 seconds.
She stayed at Sky, the largest rental building in the country, designed by David Rockwell, while she took care of business in Manhattan, posting an image of her two-bedroom corner unit to her Instagram.
Kerisma (Matt Wilkinson, Andrew Wylie and Dion Morrison) took care of business in Division A2, four points clear of PlayStation 4 (Dean Harrigan) with Wax Lyrical (Les Goodridge) finishing in third.
''We took care of business, and we took care of business on the court, won a lot of games,'' Ollie said.
Star took care of business and leapfrogged title rivals Bonnyrigg who were held to a 2-2 draw by fourth-placed Linlithgow.
Dureau nodded in appreciation on the sidelines as Bosc slotted five goals from as many attempts and the Perpignan club took care of business to leapfrog Hull into fourth spot.