too rich for someone's blood

too rich for (one's) blood

1. Characterized by an affluence or opulence that one finds unpleasant or distasteful. I felt like they turned an event meant to celebrate people's accomplishments into a sinful display of excess and material wealth. It was all a bit too rich for my blood, to be honest. I grew up in a pretty poor part of town, so it's what I'm more familiar and comfortable with. Even when I started earning more money, I just found the well-to-do neighborhoods to be too rich for my blood.
2. Costing more money than one has available; overly expensive. It was definitely a beautiful city, but it was a little too rich for my blood. A: "Do you want to come with us to Disney World next summer?" B: "Sorry, too rich for my blood, I'm afraid."
3. Too fatty, heavy, or sweet for one's taste or health. A: "Would you like to try some of my risotto?" B: "No thanks, a bit too rich for my blood. My doctor says I should start cutting down on cholesterol." I've found as I've gotten older that those sorts of foods are getting to be too rich for my blood.
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too rich for someone’s blood

1. mod. too expensive for one’s budget. Europe is getting too rich for our blood.
2. mod. too high in fat content for one’s diet. Most ice cream is too rich for my blood.
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