too funny for words

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too (something) for words

Having some quality to a such a degree that it defies explanation or description. The bride was too beautiful for words. Her gown, her makeup, her hair—just stunning. We have to put an offer in. This house is too perfect for words! Marie, you are too kind for words. How can I ever thank you?
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too funny for words

So hilarious that one must hear or see it to understand how funny it is. The clip we watched of the various people slipping on ice was just too funny for words! A: "How was the play last night?" B: "Oh, it was too funny for words! You really ought to try to see it for yourself!"
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*too funny for words

extremely funny. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) Tom is usually too funny for words at parties. The joke Tom told was really too funny for words.
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