too (something) for comfort

too (something) for comfort

Having more of some quality or trait than one would like or is comfortable with. Used especially in the phrase "too close for comfort." The way these planes fly so low over the house is just too close for comfort. Though the company seems to be doing well, some analysts are actually worried that its stocks are climbing too fast for comfort and could indicate a sudden sharp decrease.
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too close/high, etc. for comfort

COMMON If something is too close/high, etc. for comfort, it is closer/higher, etc. than you would like it to be or than is safe. The bombs fell in the sea, many too close for comfort. Levels of crime were still too high for comfort.
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too — for comfort

causing physical or mental unease by an excess of the specified quality.
1994 Janice Galloway Foreign Parts They were all too at peace with themselves, too untroubled for comfort.
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