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tonsil tennis

slang Open-mouthed kissing in which both partners' tongues touch. There's this area behind the school where lots of couples go to play tonsil tennis.
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tonsil hockey

slang Open-mouthed kissing in which both partners' tongues touch. There's this area behind the school where lots of couples go to play tonsil hockey.
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play tonsil hockey

tv. to kiss deeply, using the tongue. Kids sit around in cars, playing tonsil hockey all evening.
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tonsil bath

n. liquor; a drink of liquor. I could use a little tonsil bath about now.
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tonsil hockey

1. n. oral sex performed on the penis; fellatio. (Usually objectionable.) Give him a good round of tonsil hockey, and you’ve got a customer for life.
2. n. French kissing. The two kids spent the rest of the evening playing tonsil hockey.
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tonsil paint

and tonsil varnish
n. liquor; whiskey. The cowboy had to have his daily dose of tonsil paint before he stuffed his face full of beans and hardtack. This tonsil varnish would take the paint off a barn.
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tonsil varnish

See also: tonsil, varnish
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Factor analysis and validity tests were performed on the initial 70-item questionnaire using a convenience sample of eight adult patients (all over 17 years old) diagnosed with CMI by MRI criteria of tonsillar herniation of 5 mm or greater.
VCA IgG was significanlty higher in children with tonsillar hypertrophy grade 3-4 and EBNA was significantly higher in children with tonsillar hypertrophy grade 1 -2.
Clinical examination revealed a very large solid left tonsillar mass protruding at the level of the soft palate.
Prevalence and expression of human papillomavirus in tonsillar carcinomas, indicating a possible viral etiology.
RECOVERED: Ex-Parachute Regiment man John Carey who was lucky to survive tonsillar cancer.
In the broadest terms, HPV-related lesions appear on the tonsillar area, the base of the tongue and the oropharynx, while the non-HPV-positive tumors tend to involve the anterior tongue, the floor of the mouth, the mucosa that covers the inside of the cheeks and the alveolar ridges.
Although the location of metastases may involve many organs and tissues, as is evident in our case; the presence of tonsillar metastases is an uncommon event.
Persistence of Lactobacillus plantarum DSM 9843 on human tonsillar surface after oral administration in fermented oatmeal gruel: a pilot study.
In children aged older than 3 years with no underlying condition, a history and a physical exam with findings of adenoid or tonsillar hypertrophy often provide the basis for recommending surgery, said Dr.
Magnetic resonance (MRI) scans, tonsillar biopsies, and cerebrospinal-fluid (CSF) tests may, however, be useful.
A IT is common to get a build up of a plaque-like substance in the tonsillar crypts.
When tonsillar and adenoidal hypertrophy is the cause of the obstruction, either specific tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy may be helpful.
Preliminary evidence of anti-tumor activity during dose escalation with evidence of anti-tumor activity in six of the 17 patients treated ranging from one durable confirmed partial response (cervical cancer) and five with stabilization of disease (pancreatic, colorectal, bile duct, tonsillar and anal cancer).
While the Alshemari Needle Driver was conceived as an instrument for general ENT procedures, reaching challenging sutures at the base of the tongue or the tonsillar pillar, it can also be used throughout the body.
We report an unusual case of a complete second branchial cleft anomaly that presented as a draining neck fistula and a tonsillar cyst in an otherwise healthy 3-month-old girl.