tons of

tons of something

lots of something. We got tons of fried chicken, so help yourself. You are in tons of trouble.
See also: of, ton
References in classic literature ?
But you eat about two hundred pounds of vegetables and two hundred pounds of meat a year--which means you consume one hundred tons of water in the vegetables and one thousand tons in the meat--which means that it takes eleven hundred and one tons of water each year to keep a small woman like you going.
So he told another courtier to go to the Simpleton with the command that he and his comrades were instantly to eat up twelve oxen and twelve tons of bread.
Why, it would take us a year, possibly our whole lives, to eat up twelve oxen and twelve tons of bread.
Then twelve roasted oxen and twelve tons of bread were brought alongside of the ship, and at one sitting the glutton had devoured it all.
Ten tons of sulphuric acid and ten tons of iron filings, were put on board for the future production of the hydrogen gas.
And farmed it he had, for twenty years, shrewd, cool-headed, sober, industrious, and thrifty, rising from ship's boy and forecastle hand to mate and master of sailing-ships and thence into steam, second officer, first, and master, from small command to larger, and at last to the bridge of the old Tryapsic--old, to be sure, but worth her fifty thousand pounds and still able to bear up in all seas, and weather her nine thousand tons of freight.
One hundred and forty-nine tons of sand on her tail.
In Packingtown the fertilizer is pure, instead of being a flavoring, and instead of a ton or so spread out on several acres under the open sky, there are hundreds and thousands of tons of it in one building, heaped here and there in haystack piles, covering the floor several inches deep, and filling the air with a choking dust that becomes a blinding sandstorm when the wind stirs.
7m tons of petrol were used in FY15, in which Punjab's share was 3.
2 million tons of left over stocks, and local production of 2.
53 heavy trucks with 30 tons of cement, 50 tons of corn, 40 tons of dried fruits, 30 tons of food, 50 tons of alcohol, 140 tons of potatoes and onions, 500 tons of gasoline, 200 tons of diesel and 60 tons of gas returned from Airybaz border crossing point in Markaz village of Kadamjay region.
The Saudi cement companies imported 1,925,000 tons of clinker in the first nine months of 2013 compared to 399,000 tons in the same period last year, or an increase of 382.
In Multan division only about 100 tons of the commodity is arriving at 78 centres spread in six districts of the division, said Deputy Director Food Department Munir Ahmed on Monday.
Combination heating/cooling unit provides temperature control from 35 F to 250 F with up to 20 tons of chilling capacity.