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Muscle movement is initiated neurologically, and the tongue must be free of extraneous tension to be able to respond comfortably and accurately to neural signals.
Let's not forget that the tongue is the 'measure of one's maturity'.
Design a model tongue that can grab the ants while avoiding the thorns.
One drawing, Umedecendo a pele do sapo (Moistening the Frog's Skin), shows a group of people with intertwined tongues above the body of a frog; they are keeping it wet, since the frog is accustomed to living near water.
3 : language 1 <Many tongues are spoken in a big city.
Maysam Ghovanloo, a professor at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, described the Tongue Drive system at a conference in June.
They fit into the groove and leave a small tongue through which you can bang a pin into the batten.
Researchers at the State University of New York at Buffalo and the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo compared 51 non-Hispanic white men with tongue cancer and 54 non-Hispanic white men without tongue cancer.
Because the baby is unable to extend his tongue past his gums and curl his tongue under the nipple, latch-on may be very painful for the mother.
When it feeds at a flower, its tongue shoots out along a groove in its lower lip before quickly pulling back between sips.
The tube-lipped nectar bat zaps out a skinny tongue that can extend a distance 1.
When you see a snake flicking its tongue out of its mouth, the snake is collecting scent particles from the environment.
Then don't be surprised if your GP asks you to stick your tongue out.