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dig up (one's) tomahawk

To become angry. Of course he dug up his tomahawk—you insulted him in front of the whole town!
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dig up one's tomahawk

Rur. to get angry. (A jocular reversal of bury the tomahawk. Fixed order.) When Joe saw the mess we made, he dug up his tomahawk and went looking for us.
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Solihull's Ben Barker and Max Bartlett-Ybarra and Whitley's Liam Rowell were dismissed at 35.43, which resulted in a fiveminute powerplay for the Tomahawks. That brought two goals for Curry and assists for Betham, Yarrow and netminder Jamie Ryan.
Russia's Defense Ministry has been examining Tomahawk missiles that failed to detonate during the U.S.-led airstrike against the Syrian regime's chemical weapons capabilities on April 14, according to Russian sources.
American news reports said two Tomahawks malfunctioned and crashed in the Zagros.
The post Countries hit by US Tomahawks since Desert Storm appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
On the next play, with 57 seconds left, the Tomahawks' Billy Polymeros broke through a big hole over left tackle and dashed into the end zone to give Algonquin its first lead of the game, Eric Hart booted the extra point, and the T-Hawks held on for the victory.
Phil Ballis, a member of the Tomahawks, said: "We managed to get three Pets at Home stores involved, and Just for Pets, who also made a donation."
team owner Gus Takkale revealed just a day later that the franchise would not be called TomaHawks.
During my long, long career as a cop, I've been assaulted with just about every possible kind of weapon--but never with a tomahawk! And now a couple of Palm Beach, Fla., cops, who are probably clean-cheeked youngsters, get to have that distinction in their personnel records!
I personally have carried tomahawks inside my vehicles for years as there is not a car made I can't get out of with a tomahawk in the event of being trapped in a vehicle in a collision.
In the future, inflatable or foam tomahawks could be handed to children who will wave them in the air and chant of 'chop, chop, chop, chop, Chopra'.
(Remember, almost every SSN carries twelve vertical-launch Tomahawks, and additional missiles can be launched from their torpedo tubes.)
"The United States would not want to export such a capable weapon at such sensitive times," said Jane's analyst Robert Hewson, noting that Tomahawks can carry nuclear warheads.
After the Tomahawks have cleared the way, the planes will fly in pairs.
WHITLEY Tomahawks completed their home programme in English Under-15 North Division Two with a 6-5 victory over Sutton Sting at Hillheads.