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dig up (one's) tomahawk

To become angry. Of course he dug up his tomahawk—you insulted him in front of the whole town!
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dig up one's tomahawk

Rur. to get angry. (A jocular reversal of bury the tomahawk. Fixed order.) When Joe saw the mess we made, he dug up his tomahawk and went looking for us.
See also: dig, tomahawk, up
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In the first test, the nuclear submarine USS Hampton (SSN 767) fired a Tomahawk Block IV from the sub's vertical capsule launch system.
but it does make clear that the lady leaped outta the car with a tomahawk and lunged at the officers, whose instincts kicked in handily, causing them to jump backward faster than she advanced forward.
UNIQUE EVENT County scout Tristan Brown practises with his tomahawk at Beamish Museum
Because of our longstanding relationship with Case dealer Miller-Bradford, we've been working with Case and their staff at Tomahawk and at their corporate training center in Racine for the past 20 years," Sowl said.
And now, another weapon has been recalled to duty, an ancient weapon that is just as effective on today's battlefield as it was a thousand, even two thousand years ago--The Tomahawk.
Chops and the Tomahawk are set to face the music at Ninian Park.
THE government is to spend pounds 70million on a new generation of submarine- based Tomahawk cruise missiles.
THE former Aidan O'Brien-trained Tomahawk made his US debut a winning one on Sunday with victory in a seven-furlong allowance race at Gulfstream Park, writes Dan Farley.
The US Navy's Tomahawk Baseline IV (Tactical Tomahawk) Cruise Missile Weapon System received approval to enter formal government operational evaluation (OPEVAL) in December, under the direction of Commander, Operational Test and Evaluation Force.
It's a pretty big project," said Fire Controlman 1st Class (SW) Jeffrey Witherow, USS Shiloh's (CG 67) Tomahawk Spike earn supervisor.
for the remanufacture of up to 624 Tomahawk cruise missiles to the latest Block III configuration.
It will be the first time a British ship has fired Cruise Tomahawk missiles in anger.
The Tomahawk land attack missile was fired from the nuclear-powered submarine Splendid.