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Ferrer has only one wish to politicians who tolled the death knell on the BBL: We therefore urge our politicians and fellow citizens to take the time to study the history of the conflict and the peace process so as to get a better understanding of the road map and our unflinching efforts to see it through.
From the decline of downtown and the birth of the mall, the author explores the mall's role in suburbia and the American Dream, teens and senior citizens at the mall, and the rise of the big box store, which tolled the death knell for many malls.
NATO's repeated failures on the Balkan battlefield have tolled the death knell for its new strategy of world expansionism by acting as an offensive military alliance," a researcher with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences is quoted as saying in Monday's China Daily.
That move would probably have tolled the death knell for the 43-year-old Livermore facility.