toll for

toll for (someone or something)

1. Of a church bell, to ring out in commemoration of someone or something. The bells of churches across the nation are tolling for the anniversary of the country's liberation from the empire. During the war, there wasn't a day that went by without the bells tolling for some poor soul who had been killed.
2. To signal the imminent end, failure, or ruin of someone or something. With the passing of this historic legislation, the bell tolls for these massive corporations who abuse the tax system to their own advantage. As the Internet and digital media continue to grow in size and dominance, the bell has begun to toll for print-based businesses around the world. It think it is now clear that the bell tolls for the senators who have been caught up in the embezzlement scandal.
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toll for someone

[for a bell] to ring for someone. Who are the bells tolling for? The bells are tolling for Mr. Green, who died last night.
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Senate President Vicente Sotto III on Thursday renewed his call for the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) to implement free toll for motorists during holidays.
As a proportion of the PS6.60 toll for a car, they equated to 44p.
The toll for cars and motor caravans will rise from PS6.50 to PS6.60, small goods vehicles and small buses will rise from PS13.10 to PS13.20, and heavy goods vehicles and buses will rise by 20p from PS19.60 to PS19.80.
The toll for small goods vehicles and small buses has also risen by PS7.60, from PS5.60 in 1992 to PS13.20 in 2016.
Merseytravel said the proposed new toll for car journeys was 10p less than the "authorised" rise under the tolling mechanism, in which tolls should rise in line with inflation.
Comparing costs with Texas, the M6 Toll for a weekday journey over its 27 miles costs just under 19.5 pence per mile.
The toll for standard cars using routes mainly running through the metropolitan area is 700 yen, but many users who travel only short distances have complained about having to pay a high fee for such a short distance, calling for a change in the system.
While a bond repayment toll hike schedule adopted in 1999 calls for tolls to go up by $1 for a round trip between Boston and Central Massachusetts, and an additional 50 cents on the $3 toll for the tunnels, Turnpike officials are not ruling out an increase significantly higher than the earlier planned toll hikes.
This week will see the introduction of a PS6.60 toll for cars and motor caravans crossing the Severn Bridge and Second Severn Crossing, up 10p on the 2015 figure.
$6 toll for a round trip for Framingham commuters as "exorbitant."