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toll the death knell

To cause or signal the impending end or ruin of something, especially a business, organization, or activity. Refers to the sound of a bell ringing (the knell) from a church to indicate that someone has died. The geometric expansion of the Internet and digital media has tolled the death knell for countless print-based businesses around the world.
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death toll

The number of deaths that have occurred after some major deadly event, such as an accident, act of violence, or natural disaster. The death toll of the conflict between the two countries is well over 2,000 people as of this morning.
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take a/its toll

To have a cumulative negative effect on someone or something. Based on all this water damage, it seems that leak really took a toll on our ceiling tiles. All those late nights working on my term paper really took a toll on me—I need about 24 hours' sleep to recover.
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take a toll (on someone or something)

To cause damage or deleterious effects gradually or through constant action or use. The inclement weather in these parts really takes a toll on the exteriors of the buildings. She just doesn't have her usual quickness. It seems like the long season has taken a toll. Years of smoking and drinking has taken a toll on her health.
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take (quite) a toll (on someone or something)

to cause damage or wear by using something or by hard living. Years of sunbathing took a toll on Mary's skin. Drug abuse takes quite a toll on the lives of people.
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toll for someone

[for a bell] to ring for someone. Who are the bells tolling for? The bells are tolling for Mr. Green, who died last night.
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take its toll

Be damaging or harmful, cause loss or destruction, as in The civil war has taken its toll on both sides, or The heavy truck traffic has taken its toll on the highways. This expression transfers the taking of toll, a tribute or tax, to exacting other costs. [Late 1800s]
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take its toll

If a problem or a difficult situation takes its toll, it causes unpleasant effects. The bad weather was soon taking its toll on most of the crew members. The separation from Harry was beginning to take its toll.
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take its ˈtoll (on somebody/something)

(also take a (heavy) ˈtoll (of something)) have a bad effect on somebody/something; cause a lot of damage, deaths, suffering, etc: The present economic crisis is taking a heavy toll. Thousands of firms have gone bankrupt.His job is taking its toll on him. He needs a rest.
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County board Chairman Chris Lauzen said officials know the toll will be a tough sell.
Higher tolls will also help with maintenance and improvement of the 552-mile Turnpike.
"At peak times the cost of the toll could be over $10," Thomas said.
It has been found that the moment a vehicle cross the main toll booth in Noida and pace up the speed, he bangs into surprising MCD toll booth and often the person on wheel looses the control on the vehicle.
Mr Reckless said for 2015 overall revenue from the tolls was more than PS90m, while it had been suggested that maintenance costs amounted to between PS13m and PS15m.
The rise in toll levels have left some commuters, who use the bridge frequently, feeling angry.
After taking Toll into custody, police drove him to PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center, University District, in Eugene for a psychiatric evaluation.
The maintenance and operation' of the International Bridge is totally self-funded, primarily from tolls collected.
However, as the transportation funding need has become more pressing, proponents of tolls are becoming more vocal by calling for a nationwide expansion of the pilot program, effectively lifting the ban on tolling existing interstates.
With current toll prices at PS1.60, the system generates a surplus of PS5m-PS7m each year after maintenance, capital costs and debt payments are accounted for.
Eliminating the 15-cent Williamsville toll would provide relief to local drivers, Higgins said, and reduce congestion along Main Street in Williamsville.
The project, which would speed up toll collection and eliminate toll plaza traffic congestion, is expected to pay for itself over several years through savings from elimination of 400 toll collector jobs.
The modernization of toll booths in Macedonia is expected to be over by the middle of 2015 at the latest.
ASSUMING that April Fool is finally over, the news that the M6 Toll is to run a trial in July of 'no fees for trucks' is a welcome indication that the owners are coming to terms with reality.
C P Joshi dedicated to the nation today, the first interoperable Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) technology based electronic tolling system at Charoti toll plaza, Dahanu in Maharashtra's Thane District.