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(one) won't hear of (something)

One is adamant that something will not happen; one refuses to allow something (to happen). A: "I'd like to pay for dinner to thank you for your generosity." B: "I won't hear of it, my boy! You are our guest." My mother won't hear of us going to an out-of-state college. I won't hear of you two living together before you're married, and that's that!
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not hear of (something)

To be adamant that something does not happen; to refuse to allow something (to happen). A: "I'd like to pay for dinner to thank you for your generosity." B: "I won't hear of it, my boy! You are our guest." My mother wouldn't hear of us going to an out-of-state college.
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will not hear of something

 and won't hear of something
will refuse to tolerate or permit something. You mustn't drive home alone. I will not hear of it. My parents won't hear of my staying out that late.
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Think about the things we usually tolerate. We atolerate the cat, when it deposits half a dead mouse on the front door mat and claws the sofa for the third time in a week.
Condemning the police violence and baton charging of PPP workers in Islamabad, she said in a twitter 'The person who attacked Parliament, PM House, PTV and paralysed Islamabad for four months could not tolerate a small protest because he is scared'
We would not tolerate indiscipline, we would not tolerate hooliganism.
He said the nation would not tolerate their conspiracies and would protect the constitution at every cost.
The youngsters couldn't tolerate more than 10% of a peanut before the treatment and half were given a placebo.
THE British Army will not tolerate extremism, a top officer has said after photos emerged of soldiers posing with Tommy Robinson.
Islamabad -- Pakistan Foreign Office on Thursday summoned Dutch and European Union Ambassador to lodge a strong protest against the publication of blasphemous s caricatures and said that Pakistan could never tolerate such acts.
According to a research conducted by the McGill University Health Centre, some scientists have taken a lesson from plant biologists about an ancient strategy involving the ability to 'tolerate' rather than 'resist' infection to maintain health.
Referring to the Uri terror strike, Modi said:"We will not tolerate those who like to export terror and those who try to stab at the back.
"It also sends a strong warning message to those involved in drug dealing that we will not tolerate their actions and will take every opportunity to work with partners to deprive them of their foothold in our communities."
'We cannot tolerate prejudice, we can't tolerate misogyny, we can't tolerate discrimination, we can't tolerate hate.
It does we are tolerate views of Banners could be seen at the Monument reading "no more immigration", as shoppers looked on.
With the so-called 'zero tolerance', I have heard management say we need to learn more de-escalating techniques to deal with the situation rather than 'we will not tolerate the behaviours'.
It is important to understand that to overcome obstacles, you need to have in one hand, the 'inner power', and, on the other, the capacity to tolerate. Tolerating does not mean to put up with everything.