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tolerable (well)

 and tolable (well)
Rur. pretty well; okay. Tom: How are you feeling? Jane: Tolerable well. Charlie: How's the work coming? Tom: Tolable well. Mary: How's your aunt after her surgery? Jane: She's getting along tolable.
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But tolerably good feeling was restored when Woods, having chopped out, lobbed to 8ft and sank a trademark putt for par.
He emerged with a 71, tolerably content and full of praise for the Marquess.
I gathered that most of my grandfather's relatives were surprised and tolerably satisfied by what they found on what is known as Lisbon's Blue Coast.
If you have enjoyed - if you have been tolerably good at - running around sports, the tendency is to believe that you'll automatically be good at golf.
It can do most things pretty well (Google Maps runs OK, for example, and scrolling is tolerably smooth in Chrome).
The guidelines for operating a filling station include that operators of filling stations follow well-laid-down rules and regulations designed to be tolerably environmental friendly.
Likewise, I know of no tolerably literate way to use the name "United States" in a palindromic passage without also including, elsewhere in the passage, the legalese term "detinue.
The shocking truth is that I go racing because I want to watch the sport, about which I am tolerably knowledgeable, rather than to make a fashion statement alongside men and women - who might or might not know one end of a horse from another - parading around like oversized penguins and parrots.
After a while, except for sleep therapists, anything would be more tolerably viewable than that
I wish that supposing I fly well by the time you come back you would, if you are satisfied with my performance, present me with a crown of laurels, but it must be on the condition that I fly tolerably well.
But with original co-star Kate Hudson, Julie Yorn and Hong Kong auteur Fruit Chan sharing producer credits on this project co-developed by Fox's Beijing arm and local giant Bona Film Group, an Asian Bridezilla saga might have been tolerably amusing, what with the myriad customs and rituals still fastidiously honored at contempo Chinese weddings.
In your case, you have neck pain which seems only tolerably better with regular swimming, meds, activity modification, and therapy.
The choice of historical experience as the essential fuel for a tolerably prudent theory of defence planning is not exactly a heroic one.
There's also a definition of "fair" meaning neither excellent nor poor: or being moderately or tolerably good.
Over three years he travelled 14,000 kilometres, named a host of places, and completed many of the labours that gave the world the first tolerably accurate maps of Australia.