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tolerable well

1. colloquial Fairly or adequately well. A: "How's the new ranch hand doing?" B: "He's getting on tolerable well. Just needs to get a bit more experience handling the livestock."
2. colloquial In fairly good health. I was laid out by that infection for a few weeks, but I'm feeling tolerable well now.
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tolerable (well)

 and tolable (well)
Rur. pretty well; okay. Tom: How are you feeling? Jane: Tolerable well. Charlie: How's the work coming? Tom: Tolable well. Mary: How's your aunt after her surgery? Jane: She's getting along tolable.
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She then broke the lace off short, and dexterously throwing it into a ditch, was presently obliged to entreat them to stop, and acknowledged her inability to put herself to rights so as to be able to walk home in tolerable comfort.
No one today is "forced" to contract a marriage agreement, which is designed to provide an emotionally tolerable environment for children.
Unless your recipients expect a daily or weekly e-mail, one or two per month is tolerable. Depending on your subject matter, a quarterly might work better.
Your six key demands spell out exactly what needs to be done to make life tolerable and acceptable for senior citizens.
Taking more than 40 mg--that's the Upper Tolerable Intake Level--may lower HDL ("good") cholesterol and impair the immune system.
Overall, the number of mistranscriptions in the passages I checked was well within tolerable limits: occasionally a word or two is skipped or misread.
This report presents the conclusions of a Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee convened to evaluate the safety of various food additives and contaminants, with a view to recommending Acceptable Daily Intakes (ADIs) and tolerable intakes, respectively, and to prepare specifications for the identity and purity of food additives.
Three of Word's features--Send for Review, Track Changes and Compare and Merge--make collaboration a lot more tolerable by streamlining the chores of sharing, revising and updating documents.
Skill and virtuosity, forgotten values related to traditional ideas about painting, here serve to further a critique of the society of the spectacle, which, unscrupulously, makes even unbearable suffering tolerable for the beholder.
Today, in our sentimental idealistic anti-zoo culture, the confined animal cages of the past seem barbaric, but the telling point is made that such accommodation was once regarded as tolerable as it reflected contemporary human experience.
Determining how much the baby should gain during each poppata is a complicated matter that depends on sex, age, and prior weight but for this calculation the qualified midwife of the Fascist era, or the pediatrician today, provides a chart, usually including a range of tolerable variations.
Many company owners who value keeping their skilled employees have been paying more attention to cab configurations and comfort, in order to provide a safe and tolerable working environment.
Thomas Toch made some important points in his November article, "Bush's Big Test," but he missed the most important point of about 100 years of futile attempts to make the current K-12 governance and funding process produce even tolerable education outcomes, much less movement towards excellence.