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tolerable (well)

 and tolable (well)
Rur. pretty well; okay. Tom: How are you feeling? Jane: Tolerable well. Charlie: How's the work coming? Tom: Tolable well. Mary: How's your aunt after her surgery? Jane: She's getting along tolable.
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The Phase III programme consists of three clinical trials: NOCT is a multicentre, randomised, parallel-group clinical trial that is expected to enrol 540 patients across two arms, MORA and DAYB are European studies to further investigate the bowel cleansing efficacy, compliance, safety, patient acceptability and tolerability of NER1006.
Part A: Safety, tolerability and efficacy of ADX71149 as monotherapy in the treatment of patients with sub-acute psychosis.
As the improved safety and tolerability of CH-1504 is expected to be a significant advantage over MTX, the trial will also compare a cluster of gastrointestinal system related adverse events, such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, frequently seen with MTX use as well as closely monitor the results of standard liver function tests across dose groups.
Study 203 was designed to assess the efficacy, safety and tolerability of Reverset over a six-month period, to determine the most appropriate dose of Reverset, and to identify patients for whom Reverset is likely to provide the greatest benefit.
Tolerability of the drug in those who continued treatment was very good.
Oral bioavailability and excellent safety & tolerability have been demonstrated in two previous Phase 1 clinical trials and in human microdosing studies.
Results: When used in combination with prescription antidepressants, SAM-e was associated with a 50% intent-to-treat response rate, acceptable tolerability, no weight gain and statistically significant reductions in reported sexual dysfunction, anxiety symptoms and serum homocysteine levels.
It will be exciting to see how the results of endoscopy studies translate to differences in event rates and tolerability in clinical practice," said Dr.
The study is being conducted at 20 clinical centers nationwide, and is designed to examine the efficacy and tolerability of ILY101 in patients with CKD with hyperphosphatemia on hemodialysis.
The Company is currently conducting a safety and tolerability study in Alzheimer's patients under a U.
A Comparison of a Novel Benzoyl Peroxide System With a Combination Benzoyl Peroxide and Clindamycin Products: A 2-Week, Split-Face Study of Effectiveness and Tolerability
This phase 1b trial was designed to evaluate the tolerability, pharmacology and antiviral activity of PRO 140 in patients infected with HIV.
Other Presentation at ASH Annual Meeting Demonstrates Drug's Excellent Tolerability and Predictable Pharmacokinetics in Ongoing Clinical Trials
Data Document GRN163L's Safety, Tolerability and Predicted Pharmacokinetics in Low-Dose Patient Cohorts From Two Independent Trials