tolable well

1. colloquial Fairly or adequately well. ("Tolable" is an informal shortening of "tolerable.") A: "How's the new ranch hand doing?" B: "He's getting on tolable well. Just needs to get a bit more experience handling the livestock."
2. colloquial In fairly good health. I was laid out by an infection for a few weeks, but I'm feeling tolable well now.
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tolerable (well)

 and tolable (well)
Rur. pretty well; okay. Tom: How are you feeling? Jane: Tolerable well. Charlie: How's the work coming? Tom: Tolable well. Mary: How's your aunt after her surgery? Jane: She's getting along tolable.
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"I doan know but maybe I could, Mars Tom; but it's tolable dark in heah, en I ain' got no use f'r no flower, nohow, en she'd be a pow'ful sight o' trouble."
"That ar was a tolable fair stroke of business," said Sam.