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toke up

To get high (become intoxicated) by smoking marijuana, especially in the form of a marijuana cigarette. Hey man, Jim and I are going to toke up at his house this weekend, do you want to come? Hey, it's no skin off my teeth if you want to spend your free time toking up, but I have no interest in it whatsoever.
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harsh toke

1. n. an irritating puff of a marijuana cigarette. (Drugs.) Wow, that was a harsh toke. Yuck!
2. n. anything or anyone unpleasant. Sally can sure be a harsh toke when she wants.
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1. n. a puff of marijuana smoke. (Drugs.) After a big toke, he settled back to drift.
2. tv. & in. to puff a marijuana cigarette. (Drugs.) He sat on a stone to toke one before bean time.
3. n. a cigarette. I left my tokes in my jacket.
4. in. to smoke crack. (Drugs.) They were toking when her mother called on the phone.
5. n. a token. Yeah. Just a little toke of my approval.
6. n. a tip. He left a dollar toke. Wow.
7. tv. to tip someone; to tip some amount. He only toked me a buck.
8. in. to tip. She doesn’t toke very well.
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The book likewise makes short work of the argument that pot is more hazardous nowadays because it's much more potent than it was when Bill Clinton and Al Gore were toking up.
All the networks submitted hysterical reports about kids toking up, shooting up, and dying, accompanied by dire warnings to parents about the "slippery slope" from marijuana to heroin.
The toking twosome said they decided to share their stash with new bud Jonas and his posse.
There's three points in the cautionary tale of Michael Phelps toking saga.
The action centres on Harold (John Cho) and Kumar (Kal Penn) who, after an evening toking session, get a bad case of the munchies and embark on a trip to a local burger bar.