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toil for someone

1. to work on behalf of someone or for someone's benefit. I don't mind toiling for her as long as she thanks me. I don't know why I toil for you. You are totally ungrateful.
2. to do someone else's work. I don't know why I should have to toil for you. Do your own work! I won't toil for him. He can do his own work.
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toil for something

1. to work toward a particular goal or ideal. I am willing to toil for something I believe in. She spent the afternoon toiling for her favorite charity.
2. to work for a certain rate of pay. It's hard to toil for slave's wages. Do you expect me to toil endlessly for such low pay?
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toil over someone or something

to work hard on someone or something. The doctors toiled over the patient for hours. Ken toiled over his model plane well into the night.
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toil up something

to work hard to climb something steep. The hikers toiled up the slope slowly. As the bus toiled up the hill, we worried that the engine might be overheating.
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Waterfowl are the toller's specialty, and, though it is the smallest of the retrievers, the compact, powerful toiler retrieves goose and duck in any conditions.
He'll perform his acclaimed 1997 album Guilty in its entirety plus epic Stranglers' material including Toiler On The Sea, Down In The Sewer and Schoolmaam.
Beer had played just five first-class games for Western Australia, hardly setting the world on fire as little more than an honest toiler.
Coming on stage to their traditional entrance music, Waltz In Black, they proceed to thrill the audience by opening the set with the rampaging Toiler On The Sea and Spectre Of Love, the latter from their now classic album Suite XVI.
Australia has accepted that, for now, they must persist with a toiler who can hold up an end for the pace men, but as more results are drawn and lost, his position will grow tenuous.
For example, I have long been an advocate of the power nap, the snooze in working timewhich is sure to enliven the worn-out toiler.
Jim still has his heart set on a knighthood," a Tory toiler sighs.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Stores For Constr Of Toiler Cum Bathroom Block Size 6M X 4.
Would a new face like Gavin McCann,an honest toiler but no improvement on what Everton already have,be worth spending part of Everton's small kitty on?
Anton Lally, who was a tireless toiler in midfield,hammered narrowly wide from 35 yards in the 32nd minute and three minutes later a dipping 30 yarder by Lally brought about a brilliant fingertip save at the foot of the post by the keeper.
Tenders are invited for Desilting of Strom Water Drain at toiler Estate 2nd Street Akbarabad 1st Street Viswanathapuram 2nd and 3rd Steeet Aziz Nagar Main Road Aziz nagar 1 and 2 Street Padmanaban Street patel Street Baskara Street Anushiya Street ,dn-134,u-31,z-10
Limited Tenders are invited for Soap Toiler And Broom Country