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toil for someone

1. to work on behalf of someone or for someone's benefit. I don't mind toiling for her as long as she thanks me. I don't know why I toil for you. You are totally ungrateful.
2. to do someone else's work. I don't know why I should have to toil for you. Do your own work! I won't toil for him. He can do his own work.
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toil for something

1. to work toward a particular goal or ideal. I am willing to toil for something I believe in. She spent the afternoon toiling for her favorite charity.
2. to work for a certain rate of pay. It's hard to toil for slave's wages. Do you expect me to toil endlessly for such low pay?
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toil over someone or something

to work hard on someone or something. The doctors toiled over the patient for hours. Ken toiled over his model plane well into the night.
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toil up something

to work hard to climb something steep. The hikers toiled up the slope slowly. As the bus toiled up the hill, we worried that the engine might be overheating.
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He said no other prime minister had shared more cups of tea with him as they toiled through longs hours of negotiations.
Franklin toiled to subdue it as an issue, to remove it from the discussion of empire leading up to 1776, and then from the discussion of nation leading up to 1787.
Even if he had toiled another seven years it is unlikely be would have found a workable way to compress so much storytelling into two hours.
It is also a slight to the rescue and relief workers who toiled there during that dreadful October day and for whom the memories will never die.
Mechanical Engineering has been there with the nano engineers who toiled in the back rooms years ago.
I'll not forget the hours he toiled to perfect his craft.
For instance, genetics pioneer Gregor Mendel couldn't afford to attend a university and so pursued his interests at a monastery, where he toiled with now-famous pea plants.
Hoggard struggled to make any inroads second time around while Durham fast bowler Steve Harmison also toiled hard without any success as the President's line-up reached 76-1 at tea on the final day of the three-day clash.
Often, these young men and women have been turned into migrants in their own because of poverty, or famines, or wars waged by others in the fields where their families have toiled for generations.
She has toiled there in the past and is enthusiastic about exploring the new stares in the underground passages and grabbing food from Citarella's new restaurant and take-out joint when those open just up the street.
They diligently toiled in the 90 degree heat, putting cheese on hamburgers and dishing out baked beans, witnessing up close the mammoth task of feeding 150 hungry kids three meals a day.
Eve Lambart was the First Lady of Canadian animation, yet she toiled in obscurity at the National Film Board for more than 20 years as Norman McLaren's faithful collaborator.
Charlie Connaughton toiled long and hard for forestry and for this association.
Before the regulations took effect on an interim basis, miners toiled in conditions that Wright said were "like working inside the tailpipe of a city bus.
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