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toil for someone

1. to work on behalf of someone or for someone's benefit. I don't mind toiling for her as long as she thanks me. I don't know why I toil for you. You are totally ungrateful.
2. to do someone else's work. I don't know why I should have to toil for you. Do your own work! I won't toil for him. He can do his own work.
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toil for something

1. to work toward a particular goal or ideal. I am willing to toil for something I believe in. She spent the afternoon toiling for her favorite charity.
2. to work for a certain rate of pay. It's hard to toil for slave's wages. Do you expect me to toil endlessly for such low pay?
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toil over someone or something

to work hard on someone or something. The doctors toiled over the patient for hours. Ken toiled over his model plane well into the night.
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toil up something

to work hard to climb something steep. The hikers toiled up the slope slowly. As the bus toiled up the hill, we worried that the engine might be overheating.
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Workaholics toil out of an internal pressure (Popescu Ljungholm, 2014) and their work setting may have a significant function in impelling their work dependence, being recognized and recompensed for their immoderate work conduct.
com/40082/cws-star-crossed-spoilers-episode-3-our-toil-shall-strive-to-mend-promo-video) According to Gossip and Gab, "Star Crossed" Season 1 Episode 3 titled "Our Toil Shall Strive to Mend," will reveal more details related to the battle between the two worlds of humans and Atrians.
Fritz Lang invented the science fiction movie with this masterpiece about a futuristic city where half the citizenry are spoiled children and the other half toil as slaves.
It seems after years of toil and planning, Rob Dyrdek's Skate Plaza will finally open this June with ribbon cuttings, pro demos and so much more.
You see, the tears showed he cared, the toil showed his hunger to improve and his smile let everyone know how much he loved a game he felt privileged to play.
But the President's XI provided more stubborn resistance in their second innings and made the England attack toil in the hot sun.
While daily shift work is the book's principal focus, Coleman has also done some consulting work with the extreme version -- "fly in/fly out" arrangements in remote areas, where workers toil for weeks at a stretch.
their rude, overflowing health bequeathed by generations brought up on nourishing food") evoked admiration and the thought that his own compatriots had been deprived of food and exhausted by toil.
Before the agrarian and industrial revolutions, most people were involved in subsistence farming, or with serving those who were involved on the land, so they had very little time to spare from the toil needed to keep themselves alive.
Critical Thinking: Note a point made in the second paragraph of the article, that women's work--housework--was brutal toil in the 19th century.
After five days he was moved to a solitary cell located close to the jail's command module, where there was no toil et or shower in the cell.
The mass of data he accumulated told the story: It showed infant mortality falling, life expectancy rising, agricultural prices falling, arable land rising, the number of people fated to agricultural toil falling, air quality improving.
In the 20 year history of the re-birth of coffee in America, those who have fueled the new growth with their toil and championed the idea of varietal and Arabica-blend coffees have steadfastly stood by the maxim that C.
All the head-butting, establishment-baiting, dope smoking, marital battling, and honest literary toil ends in a Norman Mailer who is self-aware and generous, in his own words, "concerned with how many books I have left to write.