together with (someone or something)

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together with (someone or something)

Along with someone or something; as well as someone or something. My headache, together with my fever, are making me feel pretty lousy.
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together with

In the company of; also, in addition to. For example, He arrived at the theater together with his girlfriend, or The lawyer found the will, together with other papers, in the murdered man's files. [Late 1400s] For a synonym, see along with.
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toˈgether with

1 including: Together with the Johnsons, there were 12 of us in the villa.
2 in addition to; as well as: I sent them my order, together with a cheque for £40.
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References in classic literature ?
It was long ere I could close an eye, and heaven knows I had matter enough for thought in the man whom I had slain that afternoon, in my own most perilous position, and above all, in the remarkable game that I saw Silver now engaged upon--keeping the mutineers together with one hand and grasping with the other after every means, possible and impossible, to make his peace and save his miserable life.
Most recently, Edmond, together with one of the company's associates, Brian Weiss, were the brokers in the sale of 133-135 Greenwich Street in New York, which closed in February for $20M.
We can now, together with one of China's leading bus body builders, Golden Dragon, offer the market exclusive long-distance coaches," says Mats Harborn, responsible for Scania in China.
Each share is issued together with one warrant, each warrant entitling its holder to subscribe one common share of the company at a price of $0.
There is an electrifying synergy created from three of the nation's top brands working together with one goal in mind: being able to host the highest value conventions, meetings and events in the city of Atlanta," stated Atlanta Marriott Marquis General Manager Gary Gentile.
Desjardins"), the agent, a cash commission of $60,000 together with one option entitling it to purchase 400,000 common shares of Genetiks, at a price of $0,15 per share, for a period of 18 months from the date of listing of common shares of Genetiks on the TSX Venture Exchange.
Each unit consists of one common share, together with one non-transferable share purchase warrant.
We are very pleased of working together with ONE for bringing Internet into everybodys pocket in Austria", said Urs Pennanen, Managing Director, Nokia Austria GmbH, "Nokia will also support the rapid build-out of ONE's next generation network.
Each unit will consist of one common share of Brandevor, together with one share purchase warrant.