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can't (do something) for toffee

slang Is totally unable to do something. Primarily heard in UK. Oh, you'll definitely beat Sarah for that role in the musical—she's can't sing for toffee.
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Describing someone who believes they are superior to others, especially due to their social rank or class. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Feel free to go dine among the toffee-nosed snobs. I'm going to the pub.
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can't do something for toffee

If someone can't do something for toffee, they are very bad at doing that thing. Within a step or two it was clear she couldn't dance for toffee.
See also: for, something, toffee
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not be able to do something for toffee

be totally incompetent at doing something. British informal
2000 Times Wordsworth himself couldn't spell for toffee, and his punctuation was extraordinarily bad.
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can’t do something for ˈtoffee

(old-fashioned, British English, informal) if somebody can’t do something for toffee, they are very bad at doing it: He can’t dance for toffee!
See also: for, something, toffee
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