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can't (do something) for toffee

slang Is totally unable to do something. Primarily heard in UK. Oh, you'll definitely beat Sarah for that role in the musical—she's can't sing for toffee.
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Describing someone who believes they are superior to others, especially due to their social rank or class. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Feel free to go dine among the toffee-nosed snobs. I'm going to the pub.

can't do something for toffee

If someone can't do something for toffee, they are very bad at doing that thing. Within a step or two it was clear she couldn't dance for toffee.
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not be able to do something for toffee

be totally incompetent at doing something. British informal
2000 Times Wordsworth himself couldn't spell for toffee, and his punctuation was extraordinarily bad.
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can’t do something for ˈtoffee

(old-fashioned, British English, informal) if somebody can’t do something for toffee, they are very bad at doing it: He can’t dance for toffee!
See also: something, toffee
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I was horrified when I spat the toffee out and discovered a tooth.
The companies are launching the scheme in the hope local people will get into the habit of paying a visit to the Toffee Factory for their weekly shop.
The factory in Hampton-in-Arden is said to produce 25 per cent of the country's toffee apples.
The toffee apple factory in Hampton-in-Arden yesterday PHOTO @SHELDONFIRE
8220;We could not be happier with our showing at the festival,” said Randi Holm, of Holm Made Toffee Co.
Toffee, LLC a premium, upscale Toffee Manufacturer & Wholesaler has been sold to KP Group, Inc .
VERYONE E-RRRVIngredients Method Ingredients Method LACE OOY Curly Wurly Birmingham THE components of the Curly Wurly, a long, narrow bar made from plaited hard toffee, coated in chocolate might "only" be chocolate and toffee, but in this case, it's the artful and ingenious arrangement of simple ingredients that makes this British sweet truly great.
You get a toffee at Re 1, but Modi gave away 44,000 acre land at the rate of rupees one per metre, this is not a Gujarat Model, this is a toffee model," he claimed at rallies recently, Mr Gandhi has belittled Gujarat's development as a "toffee model" of economic advancement.
For them a toffee is important but for us in the race for development, securing a trophy daily is important.
dagger][dagger] PAUL, Ruth, Red Panda's Toffee Apples Walker, 2013 unpaged $24.
The concentration Dot had to devote to ensuring that the toffee didn't dislodge her false teeth meant she couldn't talk.
If delicious and decadent chocolate--in everything from truffles to toffee to gourmet apples--is your pleasure (during the holidays or anytime), Mrs.
By MIRROR REPORTER THE Irishman who invented the Toffee Crisp has died aged 83.
I decided also to make up a batch of cinder toffee, enrobed in thick chocolate, not unlike the famous sweet bars you can find everywhere, but with the more intense flavour only a home-made version can provide.
BONFIRE Night just would not be right without a toffee apple in hand.