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throw up one's toenails

Sl. to vomit heavily. I was so sick. I nearly threw up my toenails. Frank was in the bathroom, throwing up his toenails.
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throw up one’s toenails

tv. to wretch; to vomit a lot. It sounded like he was throwing up his toenails.
See also: throw, toenail, up
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Persons who bought the product have been providing feedback on what they think about the new toenail clippers.
Paul Kinsinger, a board certified family physician, has just launched a new website that is devoted to his innovative and effective product: Dr Pauls Piggy Paste Toenail Fungus Gel.
The toenail clippers have a side cutting action for ease of use and to provide a clean cut on even the toughest nails.
Toenails were collected from all roes, sonicated for 15 min in ~ 10 mL 1% Triton X-100 solution, rinsed with distilled deionized water, dried at 60 [degrees] C in a drying oven for 24 hr, and weighed.
Resin splint as a new conservative treatment for ingrown toenails.
It is important to treat it, even if in its earliest stages, as left to its own devices an ingrown toenail is likely to become infected and may then require surgery.
After a quick general tidy-up of toenails, a gel coating, rather like thick nail varnish, was painted on over my nails.
Ingrown toenails are generally caused by tight- fitting shoes.
Toenail fungus has many unsavoury affects upon the nail; it is known to destroy, discolour, weaken, crack and abnormally thicken toenails.
OKAY, so we haven't had the international fireworks of the Jade/Shilpa scandal, but we have had Shameless' Tina Malone biting her toenails with her teeth, farleft.
99) are equipped with a power cut lever, built-in clippings catcher and straight blades to prevent ingrown toenails.
A POSTIE who refused to cut his hair or toenails for 20 years after suffering brain injuries has finally been granted treatment.
But cracked, yellow or too short toenails often let us down.
Human toenails have been collected in several epidemiological studies, predominantly for determination of trace elements as biomarkers for the intake of these compounds (2).
More important, you'll want to get your hands on the pill that makes you look and feel like the people at the end of the commercial: happy, successful, lucky, well-rested and free of horrifying mustard-colored lice-like creatures tearing up the tender skin underneath your toenails.