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throw up one's toenails

Sl. to vomit heavily. I was so sick. I nearly threw up my toenails. Frank was in the bathroom, throwing up his toenails.
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throw up one’s toenails

tv. to wretch; to vomit a lot. It sounded like he was throwing up his toenails.
See also: throw, toenail, up
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By offering a simple, non-invasive solution for patients suffering from toenail fungus, PinPointe FootLaser offers licensed healthcare providers an excellent opportunity for building their practices and providing a valuable new service to their patients.
Ingrown toenails are rarely serious, but people with diabetes or poor circulation in their feet must be especially careful, as they may not notice the symptoms of an ingrown toenail.
for instance, unveiled a line of 15 items last year that emphasizes feet and toenails.
Digger also didn't mention that no one has ever died from toenail fungus, but federal regulators have linked Lamisil to 16 cases of liver failure and 11 deaths.
As you mention, squaring off toenails can help prevent the painful condition.
The recommended dosage for toenails, with or without fingernail involvement, is 200 mg/day for 12 consecutive weeks.
When I first started dating Ben, I would've wanted to gather each toenail clipping into a scrapbook arranged with pressed and dried wild meadow flowers.
As many as 57% of men confess to doing these things, except painting their toenails.
Vassell missed the game last Saturday away to Manchester United because of a chest infection and seems set for another spell on the sidelines after being forced to have part of a toenail removed.
Step 5 Get toes ready for color by dipping a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol to get any moisturizer off toenails (polish and moisturizer don't mix).
3 DRIVE toenails into the opposite side to complete the toenailing and at the same time drive the board back to the layout line.
If you develop an ingrown toenail, wear open-toed sandals.
Ingrown toenails do not lend themselves well to do-it-yourself home treatments.
Androgynous except for a pink bracelet and pink-painted finger- and toenails, barefoot Barbara has one hand in her jeans pocket and holds a can of Coke with the other.