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throw up one's toenails

Sl. to vomit heavily. I was so sick. I nearly threw up my toenails. Frank was in the bathroom, throwing up his toenails.
See also: throw, toenail, up

throw up one’s toenails

tv. to wretch; to vomit a lot. It sounded like he was throwing up his toenails.
See also: throw, toenail, up
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Onychomycosis is a chronic mycotic infection of fingernails and toenails that affects the quality of life in a significant proportion.
Treatment-related adverse events were generally mild and similar between the vehicle and treatment arms, with application site exfoliation, erythema, dermatitis, as well as ingrown toenails, the most commonly reported events for both arms.
Lateral fold and partial nail bed excision for the treatment of recurrent ingrown toenails.
Currently being sold at 24% off its list price, the new Clyppi Toenail Clipper is another option for persons looking to purchase high quality toenail clippers.
THIS advanced 3-piece Chiropody Set contains all the tools you need to create and maintain perfect toenails.
Toenail samples were taken from all ten toes and were measured for Se content using neutron activation analysis.
We asked NAS participants to bring toenail clippings to their study visit between January 1999 and January 2009 (n = 818 eligible NAS participants).
To assess the validity of the selenium concentration in human toenails as a measure of selenium intake, and to determine other correlations of toenail selenium levels, the authors examined the predictors of toenail selenium within two subgroups of a large cohort study of US women.
Ingrown toenail deformity is a common nail pathology that causes intractable pain and discomfort, hindering normal walking and markedly decreasing the quality of life of patients.
IF YOU HAVE ever suffered from an ingrown toenail, you know how it feels to carry one sore lump of a toe around.
or fat stomach, nor even that damn toenail that drove me mad.
has certified six podiatrists in the United Kingdom to administer its revolutionary new laser treatment for toenail fungus.
The Old English ancestor of the word was angnaegl, "corn on the foot," with the second part, naegl, referring not to a toenail but rather to the nail we drive in with a hammer, the head of an iron nail being likened to a hard corn.
New gleanings from the Nurses' Health Study show that samples as mundane as toenail clippings can be a marker for cigarette indulgence, "when smoking history is not available.