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In turn, at night on deck, wriggling her toes at him under a rug to simulate some strange and crawling creature of an invader, he would dare to simulate his own befoolment and quite disrupt Villa's bed with his frantic ferocious attack on the thing that he knew was only her toes.
The creature could bend either way, and its white toes now curled the same way the black ones on the other side had done.
Mr Swiviller looked with a supercilious smile at Mr Chegg's toes, then raised his eyes from them to his ankles, from that to his shin, from that to his knee, and so on very gradually, keeping up his right leg, until he reached his waistcoat, when he raised his eyes from button to button until he reached his chin, and travelling straight up the middle of his nose came at last to his eyes, when he said abruptly,
At these words Richard Swiviller withdrew his eyes from Mr Chegg's face, and travelling down the middle of his nose and down his waistcoat and down his right leg, reached his toes again, and carefully surveyed him; this done, he crossed over, and coming up the other legt and thence approaching by the waistcoat as before, said when had got to his eyes, 'No sir, I haven't.
Unlike a human nail, a cat's claw is part of the toe bone.
The Gold Toe line of slippers, Gold Toe footwear, is being launched by The RFA Group, which inked a deal with the Gold Toe brand in 2014 to expand its appeal, and give it a toehold in the footwear category.
Caring for your broken toe at home: | Put a piece of cotton wool or gauze between your injured toe and the one next to it and tape the two toes together with a plaster.
The Toe Protectors will be easy to implement on a number of different household furniture pieces.
While an extremely small little toe denotes a childlike nature, with playful sense of fun, the little toe pointing at an angle denotes unconventional nature, she said.
Serving a severed human toe inside a shot of whisky named Sourtoe Cocktail, is apparently a tradition in Dawson City, Youkon, Canada.
EXPERT VIEW JACQUELINE says: "A hammer toe is a deformity of the second, third and fourth toes.
The five largest energy consumers in 2011 in the EU were Germany (316 mn toe,), France (260 mn toe) the United Kingdom (199 mn toe) Italy (173 mn toe) and Spain (129 mn toe) which together accounted for nearly two thirds of total EU consumption.
Klitschko, 35, scored a unanimous points victory in their heavyweight unification clash in Hamburg on Saturday night, but afterwards Haye revealed the toe injury which he said had impeded his ability to attack.
Warren said: "He shouldn't be in the fight if he had a broken toe.
You can check the strength of the toe by pushing it down against your hand.